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Glen Lake Theatre Department is gearing up for some exciting activities this spring 2021! During this unusual time of COVID, we wanted to give the students a chance to boost their acting skills, or to try their hand at acting if this is their first time. We also want the students to be part of a group that helps provide so much confidence and fun.

Our first activity is a Regional Monologue Competition. It is open to any middle school or high school student. The monologue competition will be against other area schools, and the deadline for the competition is February 24th. Student monologues will be videotaped and sent to the judges. One judge from each school will then get together, view and score the entries, and award the winners. Filming will take place in the Auditeria on an individual basis and we will be following social distancing guidelines.

The rules are outlined below:

1) One to two-minute length monologues

2) School appropriate, so we can showcase winners on our school website.

3) Neutral background

4) No costuming or set.

5) Judging would be based on the actor's ability to portray an emotion or emotions to the viewer. Middle school and high school will be judged in separate categories.

The second activity we have planned for this Spring is a movie! Students will be writing and acting in their own movie. There will be dancing, singing, acting, and writing all combined to create a collaborative pivot for these strange times. The group is still in the brainstorming phase of the movie, so more info will be posted once we have a more solid storyline. We are planning to film outside as much as we can and will continue to follow social distancing and safety protocols for any inside filming.

Both of the activities will be available online for viewing. Updates will be posted as they are available.

Good luck to our students who will be participating in both the Monologue Competition and Movie!

Cody Diesler

Amelie Sack

Kate Blondia

Mahrle Siddall

Jamie Blondia

Bella Romzek

Zinnia Dungjen

Maddie Diehl