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I have lived with my family in this “Land of Delight” for 27 years! Dave and I have 4 children: Tess (Zach) & grandson, Noah; Clare; Gus; and George - all graduates of Glen Lake!
I enjoy everything about the great outdoors: kayaking, beaching, hiking, fishing, boating, campfires, skiing (water & downhill), and snowshoeing. I have 2 pets: Louie (maltipoo) & Boomer (ocicat). I love cooking, gardening, reading, and playing games with my family & friends.

I have been teaching for 28 years - 14 here at Glen Lake in the Y5’s Kindergarten program. In the classroom, I use a Constructivist approach to learning in which I take children’s emerging ideas and questions to develop curriculum. A great deal of our daily focus is on social & emotional development, community building, and learning conflict resolution & problem solving skills. I also believe in play & relationship based learning. Forming a meaningful relationship with each child and meeting all kids where they are on the developmental continuum is my number one goal each year.

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