Academics & Arts

Middle School Teachers

Lisa Nadlicki

NMC (Associates Degree in Commercial Art) CMU (K-12 Art Major, 7-12 English Minor) MSU (Masters in Curriculum & Teaching)



Year Hired at GLCS: 1995

"Family is not a thing, it is everything." -Michael J. Fox-

Family is the core of Mrs. Nadlicki. Family values are very important to her and those values are reflected in her classroom as well. She has a great love for the middle school-aged student. It can be assured that her classroom is an environment in which learning for ALL students can take place, a place she refers to as "Laker Land." An environment of open communication, respect and hard-work is provided and encouraged along with lots, and lots, of good books!! Students in Mrs. Nadlicki's class can be found consistently reading, writing and discussing a variety of genres covering a plethora of topics.