Welcome to Laker Athletics!

Glen Lake Community Schools has a rich history with Educational Athletics - school-based programs that are an extension of the classroom and must be treated that way. Our philosophy is simple:

We strive for success through competition, while exhibiting the ideals of good sportsmanship, ethical behavior and integrity. The values of good citizenship and high behavioral standards apply equally to all activity disciplines including athletics.

Middle school sports are the time for basic skill building when the coach attempts to provide adequate time for athletes to explore their talents and abilities. Coaches at this level try to avoid cutting students who wish to participate. While winning is an admirable goal, it is not the only goal. In high school, the competition moves to another level, but the goal remains the same: To instill the values of hard work, sportsmanship and teamwork.

It's easy to look at competition in terms of who won and who lost a game or a match. But the more valuable competitions are the ones that teach us about the depth of our character, the ones that forge the immutable bonds of camaraderie in the crucible of adversity. True championship isn't defined by the scoreboard or the record but is measured by the heart of those who play the game with passion and exuberance whatever the score, whatever the circumstance.