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FRC Team 5562 Laker Logistics: High School FIRST Robotics

Team 5562 Laker Logistics

Coach - Mr. Christopher Morehead

Assistant Coach - T.B.D.


FRC Team 5562 was a successful rookie team in 2015. The 2016 season saw the team grow by 50%, with an even male/female ratio. In 2016, students petitioned for and gained the opportunity to earn a Varsity letter in Robotics for the first time. 2017 marked the third year of Glen Lake High School's robotics program with our first event in Southeast Michigan. The 2018 season included our team's first opportunity to travel to an event on a college campus and our first event in the Upper Penninsula. 2019 promises to bring new challenges and opportunities for our Lakers Logistics veterans who embody the spirit of "coopertition"!


* Check out the Student-run team website here *