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Die Anne-Frank Gesamtschule in Havixbeck -- Glen Lake High School in Maple City


Fall 2017 Update: Glen Lake will welcome twenty students from our partner school on Wednesday, October 11th. The group will stay until Monday, October 23rd, when they will depart for Chicago.

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Glen Lake Community Schools became a sister school with Anne-Frank Gesamtschule in Havixbeck, Germany in the fall of 1999. The purpose of this relationship is for students at both schools to better understand another people’s culture. Through exposure to cultural difference, we will also better understand our own cultures.


Every second year, students at Glen Lake will host students from the Anne Frank school in the fall (late September or early October) and our partner school will return the honor in the spring (usually around Spring Break). Travel to Germany is primarily for Juniors and Seniors, although Glen Lake underclassmen are encouraged to host a German student.


Glen Lake Students at the Cologne Cathedral



This is an immersion exchange program, meaning that students stay in the homes of their hosts. Our students eat, sleep and live within the other culture. This way the students have an insider's view of the culture, with insights unavailable in a packaged tour or vacation. Many cross-cultural relationships become lifelong and numerous Glen Lake students have re-visited their German friends over the years. Often, this experience stimulates the “travel bug” and opens the door for students to study abroad in college.


WasserschloßHavixbeck vom Oben


While in Germany our students will attend classes with their hosts. It is an additional benefit that many of our students have had the opportunity to take German language courses at Glen Lake. Most people in Germany have some experience with English, so it is not mandatory  to know German before traveling. Host families are encouraged to learn a little about the German culture before going.


Students will also spend time visiting well-known sights in Germany with an English speaking guide. Many of these trips will be with their German hosts. Students have visited local castles, the Cathedral of Cologne, the Museum of Roman History, and a chocolate factory as well as many historical sites on the overnight experience in Berlin. The itinerary is created by our German hosts with input from successful past exchanges.


Kölner Dom


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