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Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements/Academic Terms

Carnegie Unit

A Carnegie Unit is a unit of work at the high school level equivalent to a minimum of 120 hours of instruction. It is the amount of credit given by Glen Lake High School for satisfactory performance in a subject taken one class period five times a week (or equivalent time earned in a block schedule) for a full school year.

Semester Credit

A Semester Credit is equal to half (1/2) a Carnegie Unit. Glen Lake High School gives ½ (.5) semester credit for a satisfactory performance in a subject taken one class block, for one semester. One semester is equivalent to ninety (90) days of instruction.

Full Time Student

Eight semesters of attendance is required. To graduate and participate in graduation exercises, a student must meet graduation requirements set by the Board and attend Glen Lake High School as a full time student during the 2nd semester of his/her senior year.


Credit toward graduation requirements may be earned through: Northwestern Michigan College; Virtual Learning (internet courses); and Michigan Works; approved summer school programs; or from accredited correspondence courses. All courses completed in this manner must be approved in advance by the school counselor or principal with a letter of approval placed in the student's cumulative record. All grades earned will count toward the student's grade point average based on a 4.00 (A) system. (An exception to this rule is dual-enrollment classes taken just for college credit.)

Students who need to take nine (9) semesters of work to meet graduation requirements may participate in the next available graduation ceremony after they meet graduation requirements.

Certificate of Attendance

Any senior, attending full time for eight (8) semesters, but failing to complete the required credits, may opt to receive a certificate of attendance. They may not participate in the graduation ceremony. A student who must return to Glen Lake beyond the 8th semester to meet graduation requirements need not meet the full time attendance rule.

Repeating a Class

Students who wish to repeat a course in which they previously received a grade of 2.0 (C) or less may do so with parental permission. The student can improve his letter grade but will only be allowed credit for taking the class one time. The student's cumulative grade point average shall reflect the most recently earned grade for the class. A grade of “F” cannot be changed and will remain on the final transcript.

Drop and Add

A period of drops and adds will occur at the beginning of each semester. This will last only for a maximum of one week. After this period ends, a student will be allowed to drop only if educational reasons are presented and approved by the principal. Such changes are detrimental to the overall educational program and will not be permitted except when extenuating circumstances exist. A poor working relationship between student and teacher shall not be considered such an extenuating circumstance.


A minimum of twenty-one (21) credits and eight (8) semesters of attendance is required by Glen Lake High School (grades 9-12 inclusive). All students in order to graduate from Glen Lake High School with a Diploma of Graduation must successfully complete the following courses or equivalent as determined by the high school principal.

Graduation Requirements
Course Semesters Credit
English 8 4.0
Math 8 4.0
Science 6 3.0
Social Studies 6 3.0
Physical Education 1 .5
Health 1 .5
Applied/Visual/Performing Arts 2 1.0