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Your School Lunch

Welcome back, Laker Families!  The Glen Lake Community Schools Food Service Department is looking forward to a new year of preparing your students wholesome, delicious food with new flavor profiles, as well as some of the favorites from last year.  Along with new recipes, we will be adapting many of our favorites to include more scratch cooking, while utilizing more locally grown or raised food.  In adherence to the USDA guidelines, we will be offering a diverse selection of dark green and red/orange vegetables, seasonal fresh fruits, lean proteins and whole grain-rich foods to fuel your student throughout the school day.  We are planning on working with student volunteers to taste test our new menu items and using their critiques to bring healthy, trendy and tasty items to the cafeteria line and La Fresca window.

We will continue our relationship with Groundwork Center for Resilient Communities (formerly Michigan Land Use Institute) and the 10 Cents a Meal Program for School Kids and Farms.  Through this program, along with the generosity of the School Board, our kitchen has been able to purchase three times more local produce in the past year than we purchased in 2012-13.  Glen Lake Community Schools has also joined Cultivate Michigan, and our kitchen is excited to be a part of an organization whose goal is for schools and other institutions to purchase 20% Michigan food by the year 2020.  We believe that serving fresh, local food is good for our students, our economy, our environment, and for our community.

Please feel free to email me at with any comments or suggestions on how we can provide the best possible food experience for your student. 


Let’s have a great year!

Chef Jackie Cobb