Parents & Students

Meal Accounts

Glen Lake Community Schools uses Meal Magic to manage student lunch accounts.

As parents/guardians you can use Send Money to School web interface to access your child's lunch balance, track his/her food choices and make deposits to your child's account.

To get started:

In addition, as a courtesy to you, we have set up automated emails on Thursday evenings to remind you if your child's balance gets low.   

It is important to monitor what your child is eating.  A healthy diet is one of the most important things we can do to take care of ourselves.

Thanks for being an active member in your child’s health and education.

This year's lunch prices are as follows

  • Elementary Breakfast $1.50
  • Seconday Breakfast $1.50
  • Elementary Lunch $2.50
  • Secondary Lunch $2.75

Please feel free to contact your school office staff at 334-3061 if you need assistance or additional information.