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Schools of Choice

UPDATE: Schools of Choice applications are now available!

APPLICATIONS: Applications can be downloaded here. Copies of the application are also available in the Superintendent's Office (8-4, M-Th). Applications can be submitted electronically to, dropped off in the Superintendent's office, or mailed to:

Jordan Fehrenbach
Glen Lake Community Schools 
3375 W. Burdickville Rd.
Maple City, MI 49664

 All applications must be submitted by 4:00 pm on Saturday, July 27.

AVAILABLE OPENINGS: Below are the grade levels accepting new schools of choice students and the number of openings available for each, per approval of the Board at its June 26, 2019, Special Meeting. Grades not listed below are not accepting new schools of choice students at this time.

Young 5's ------------------ 6 openings
Kindergarten -------------- 1 opening
Second (2nd) Grade ---- 4 openings
Fourth (4th) Grade -------11 openings
Sixth (6th) Grade --------- 8 openings
Seventh Grade ------------ 5 openings

NOTICE TO FAMILIES: All families applying for enrollment at Glen Lake Community Schools through Schools of Choice will be notified of their enrollment status by July 31.

MORE INFORMATION: More information regarding the Michigan Department of Education's School of Choice law can be found here. You may also call or email Glen Lake Community Schools' School of Choice coordinator, Jordan Fehrenbach, at (231) 334-3061, ext. 526 or