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Usually, the last week of February, all seniors will receive a scholarship packet for the many scholarships known as the Glen Lake Local Scholarships. These scholarships, some memorials, others honoring family members, and others provided by service organizations to assist our students, are a tremendous gift to our students. We are deeply grateful for the support of this special community.

We are listing the scholarships below for informational purposes only. The application packet will be handed directly to the student. This list will allow interested individuals to review the types of awards that are offered.

Typically, the seniors get the scholarship packets the end of February and they are usually due just after Spring Break.  Scholarships are awarded on Awards Night (usually the Thursday before Memorial Day). Students are given information about accessing their scholarships in a letter on Awards Night. In the fall of the senior year, after three weeks of enrollment, students submit a Verification of Enrollment to the Guidance Office and the money is disbursed to the college. We regretfully add that when the money is disbursed to the college, there are times when the college applies that award to grants that the college has already offered. If you find that your scholarship is not going to benefit you, you might consider allowing it to be given to the alternate. It is the applicant’s responsibility to research the accepting college’s financial decisions so an awareness of the benefit loss is understood.

Each year when the scholarships are awarded in May, we are reminded of what makes this community so special. Our community supports our students, our student achievement is recognized and the pursuit of a college degree becomes more attainable.

Scholarships are paid to students and/or their college in the Fall after they have been in attendance for 3 weeks.  Students send an Enrollment Verification with their Student ID to the Glen Lake Secondary Registrar.  A W-9 is required for scholarships that are held in the Glen Lake Business Office.  Instructions regarding all of this is in the student's Congratulations letter they receive on Awards Night.  W-9 forms are located below.




Scholarships will be added as they become available.  Please check back periodically to see additions.