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Local Scholarships

Usually, the last week of February, all seniors will receive a scholarship packet for the many scholarships known as the Glen Lake Local Scholarships. These scholarships, some memorials, others honoring family members, and others provided by service organizations to assist our students, are a tremendous gift to our students. We are deeply grateful for the support of this special community.

We are listing the scholarships below for informational purposes only. The application packet will be handed directly to the student. This list will allow interested individuals to review the types of awards that are offered.

Typically, the seniors get the scholarship packets in early March and they are usually due just after Spring Break.  Scholarships are awarded on Awards Night (usually the Thursday before Memorial Day). Students are given information about accessing their scholarships in a letter on Awards Night. In the fall of the senior year, after three weeks of enrollment, students submit a Verification of Enrollment to the Guidance Office and the money is disbursed to the college. We regretfully add that when the money is disbursed to the college, there are times when the college applies that award to grants that the college has already offered. If you find that your scholarship is not going to benefit you, you might consider allowing it to be given to the alternate. It is the applicant’s responsibility to research the accepting college’s financial decisions so an awareness of the benefit loss is understood.

Each year when the scholarships are awarded in May, we are reminded of what makes this community so special. Our community supports our students, our student achievement is recognized and the pursuit of a college degree becomes more attainable.


Scholarship Listings


Please check the colleges that you are applying to for scholarship opportunities as well the Guidance Office and listed websites. It is important that you listen to daily announcements for local scholarship information.




FASTWEB   Personalized scholarship matching and tracking:

Chick Evans Caddie Scholarship


  Strong caddie record, excellent academics, demonstrated financial need.  Apply at:

Wendy's HS Heisman Scholarship Oct 
AES Engineering Scholarship Oct 

$500  Submit an essay of no more than 1,000 words- question found at:

Pelican Water Systems College   Scholarship Oct 

$500-$1500  Write an essay on the following:  What are some ways to instill a greater sense of urgency with water conservation in young people and what would be the marketing slogan Pelican Water would use to highlight the new campaign? 3.5 GPA, Letter of Recommendation.

Horatio Alger Scholarship Oct 

Various amounts.  Assist students who have demonstrated integrity, perseverance in overcoming adversity, strength of character, financial need, a good academic record, commitment to pursue a college education, and a desire to contribute to society

Coca-Cola Scholars Program Oct  3.0 GPA Planning to pursue a degree at an accredited US post-secondary institution.

PEO STAR Scholarship   $2500. Exceptional Senior Girl who is very active in community and school activities and who is a strong leader.  Candidates are screened and interviewed before the application process.  See Mrs. Woessner if interested.  
Grand Traverse Area Legal Professionals   $500 Scholarship which will be awarded on the basis of merit, ability, financial need, and desire to pursue a career in the legal field, is open to students with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.  Interested students need to submit a letter of application.  Applications in the Counseling Office.
Kenley Farrell Memorial Scholarship Nov 

$250 & $1000  GPA 2.5 Planning on attending a MI college in a Science related field.  Application and letter of recommendation + essay on pesticide resistance.   Applications and information in the Counseling office or


NW MI Farm Bureau (Frank Lipinski Memorial) Nov  $1000  Preference given to NW County Farm Bureau Members or residents of GT/Leelanau County. Preference given to students pursuing a degree in the agriculture field.  2.0 GPA; two references, letter of recommendation.  Applications in the Counseling Office. 
Prudential Spirit of Community Award Nov 

$1000 Recognizes students who have distinguished themselves through community service.  Online application at: or www.nassporg/spirit.  

Central Michigan University Leader Advancement Scholarship Nov  $8000 Highly competitive award designed to recognize students who contribute to their schools and communities. Scholarship application at:
Scholar Athlete Award   Seniors Athletes – If you meet the following criteria and are interested in applying for one of 32 $1000 Scholar Athlete Awards, please see Mrs. Johnston.  Requirements:  You've earned at least one varsity letter in an MHSAA sport; 3.5 or higher GPA.  Application Process:  Includes a 500-word essay on the importance of sportsmanship in educational athletics and two letters of recommendation.  Applications must be sent in through the AD’s Office. We are limited to three boy and three girl applications
Good 360 Sustainability Scholarship Nov 

$1000 Post a photo on Instagram with your 200-300-word essay explaining what sustainability means to you.  3.3 GPA; Open to all Majors.

RARE Everyday Heroes Scholarship Dec  $2,500.   Seniors submit an original essay about someone whom they consider to be an everyday hero.  Online entry form at
Northwestern MI Chapter of the Military Officers Assoc of America Dec  $500  Child or grandchild of an active or retired military member from the seven uniformed services; National Guard or Reserves; or a MOAA member.  Applications in the Counseling Office.
Elks National Foundation Nov 

$1000+  Applicants do not need to be related to a member of the Elks.  Males & females compete separately, and are judged on scholarship, leadership and financial need.  Application information available at:

Western Michigan University



Various WMU scholarships.  Visit this link to find out individual deadlines..

Burger King Scholars Dec  $1000+ Recipients are selected based on their grade point average, work experience, extracurricular activities and/or community service.
AXA Achievement Scholarship Dec 

$2000  Do you have ambition and drive; determination to set and reach goals; do you have respect for self, family and community; do you have the ability to succeed in college?   

Only the first 10,000 applications will be accepted.  APPLY EARLY!  Visit: .com

Michigan Society of Professional Surveyors Dec 

$2000 Must be a full-time student in the Surveying Program. Michigan residents have priority.  Applications at:

NFIB - Young Entrepreneur Award Dec 

Applicants MUST be running their own small business in order to be considered for an award.  Apply online at:

Rove Pest Control Scholarship Dec  $500  GPA 3.0  Although this scholarship is open to anyone seeking a higher education, special consideration will be given to anyone pursuing a degree in entomology or a related field.  Financial need may also be considered.  Apply at:
Western Michigan University Foundation Scholarship   Scholarship for a senior entering WMU as a degree-seeking student. Cumulative GPA of 3.7 or higher by end of junior year OR composite ACT score of 26 or higher.  Financial Need.  Nominated by Glen Lake
National Wild Turkey Federation Jan 

Various amounts.  GPA 3.0  Application available at: Search Scholarship at this site.

John F. Kennedy "Profile in Courage" Essay Contest Jan 

Write an essay (700-1000 words) on an act of political courage by a US elected official who served during or after 1956..  For contest information, registration, and to submit your essay, visit:

GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program


National Scholarship Eligibility - Demonstrate at school, at the workplace, and within the community the attributes of leadership, drive, integrity and citizenship. 3.0 GPA; financial need.  Online application at

Bob Swanson Memorial Scholarship Jan  Must be actively participating in tennis in high school.  Applications in the Counseling Office.  Will need 3 letters of recommendation.
American Legion Dept of MI Jan  $500.  Sons/daughters/grand children of Veterans planning to attend a MI college.  Application information at
Northern MI MENSA


$500 Application and essay. Visit:


Various amounts; 550 word essay.  Application information available at
NALS of Michigan


$1000 "B" average, in need of financial assistance and pursuing a degree in the legal field.

Ronald McDonald House Charities


RMHC offer scholarships to students in financial need who have demonstrated academic achievement, leadership and community involvement.  Visit for more information.
Michigan Pork Industry Scholarship Jan 

$500-1500 Interest in the future of the pork industry.  Application, interview and presentation required.  Applications at:


The Michigan Council of Women in Technology (MWWT)


Open to women of all ages aimed at encouraging female students to pursue technology degrees and certifications.  Information may be found at:

National Writer Series 2014 Scholarship Contest


$1000 each category - poetry, fiction or non-fiction. Students may submit only once and in one category.  Electronic submissions only. Visit for complete writing/submission instructions, sample manuscript and to begin the application process.  Flyer posted on scholarship bulletin board.

Various NMC scholarships



For a listing of scholarships and awards offered by Northwestern Michigan College for the 2017-2018 Academic Year visit

Michigan Technological University Northwestern MI Alumni Scholarship Feb

Two $500 scholarships. Senior who has been accepted to or is considering Michigan Tech in the Fall.  3.0 GPA  Applications in Counseling Office.

Delta Kappa Gamma   $500 Any high school senior planning to become an educator is eligible to apply.  Applications in the Counseling Office.
MEA Scholarship Feb 

$750-$1800  Dependent of MEA member or MEA-Retired member in good standing; Will attend a Michigan college.  Criteria of Selection: Academic achievement, extracurricular activities, school/community service, students from lower income households.  Applications in the counseling office or go to:

GTA Retired School Personnel Vocational or Academic Scholarship Feb  $1000 each - Two Vocational & Two Academic: Vocational GPA 2.5; Academic GPA 3.5, 27 ACT  Will need 3 letters of recommendation.  Applications in the Counseling office or online at
Cyberbullying Prevention for Teens Scholarship Feb  $1000 annual scholarship.  Must write an article of 600-1000 words on the topic "Why is it important to stop cyberbullying"?
Buick Achievers March 

Scholarships awarded to students who excel both inside and outside of the classroom; who drive a positive change in their community. Those encouraged to apply:  any senior who plans to major in a field focused on engineering, technology, design or business with an interest in the auto industry.  For more information, go to

The Detroit News & CATCH March  $1000 Grades, test scores, honors and community involvement are key criteria. The most important criterion will be demonstrated ability in athletics, health, journalism, language arts, performing arts, science, mathematics, visual arts, vocational-technical or world studies.  Applications on the website: or in the Counseling Office. 
Ann Arbor Graphic Arts Memorial Foundation March 

$2500 Interested in a career in the printing industry; preparing to engage in a course of study in a printing program.  MI resident, 2.0 GPA. Applications at:

Midwest Youth Tennis & Education Foundation March 

Each year MYTEF provides scholarships to high school seniors attending college in the fall who need financial assistance.  Please review the requirements of each scholarship online at:

Michigan Assoc of Timbermen- Jess Birthcher Scholarship March  $500-1000 Applications will only be accepted from applicants that have chosen a natural resources field of study.
State Farm Good Neighbors Scholarship March 

$2500 renewable.  Focuses on students who are leaders and volunteers in their communities and demonstrate financial need.  GPA between 2.5 and 3.2 going to 2 year, 4 year or vocational college.  First 700 applicants.

American Legion Auxiliary: Children of Warriors National Presidency March  $2500-$3500 Eligibility: Child or grandchild of veterans who served in the Armed Forces during eligibility dates for membership in the American Legion. Criteria: 50 hours of community volunteer service, financial need.  Applications at:
Grand Traverse Area   MSU Alumni Club March  7 @$2000 Criteria for selection includes: 3.25 GPA, test scores, positive recommendations from teachers and/or counselors and the applicants written comments on the application.  Applications available in the Counseling Office. 
Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation  March 

Ernest B Isaacsen Scholarship: Grand Traverse, Kalkaska or Leelanau County student who plans on attending Northwestern Michigan College, Michigan State University, University of Michigan or Wayne State University. Eligible students must demonstrate financial need. Academic performance will be considered. 

Traverse City Track Club ScholarshipAntrim, Benzie, Grand Traverse, Kalkaska or Leelanau County. Eligible students will have demonstrated involvement with running, as a high school athlete or through participation in organized running events.

Riopelle/Dowden Technical Scholarship: Antrim, Benzie, Grand Traverse, Kalkaska, or Leelanau County. Applicant must be enrolled, or planning to enroll, in an associate's degree program, certificate program, or apprenticeship. Applicant must demonstrate a commitment to pursuing studies for a technical, vocational, or occupational career. GPA (overall) and GPA in technical or career-related courses will be considered.Applicants must submit a recent transcript and two letters of recommendation.

Home Builders Association of the GTA Scholarship Endowment : Antrim, Benzie, Grand Traverse, Kalkaska or Leelanau County students who are pursuing continuing education related to the home building industry.

Giving JAR Scholarship: Antrim, Benzie, Grand Traverse, Kalkaska or Leelanau County students that are planning to attend college with a goal of becoming teachers, coaches or other vocations ultimately giving back to youth within the communities they choose to live in.

On-line application process starts at:

Leelanau Township Community Foundation - Faye Dinsmore Memorial Scholarship


$600 Leelanau county graduate with career aspirations in the culinary arts.  Financial need considered.  Applications in the Counseling office or at:

Leelanau Township Community Foundation - Florence L. Hanes Scholarship


$750 for two years.  Qualified candidates are individuals who demonstrate financial need for vocational training.  Must be a graduate from Leelanau County.  Applications in the Counseling office or at:
Leelanau Township Community Foundation - Anson and Ruth Solem Science Scholarship


$2600 To be considered for this scholarship, a student must be pursuing higher education in a science field and be a graduate of Leelanau County.  Applications in the Counseling office or at:
Leelanau Township Community Foundation - George W. Anderson Community Endowment Scholarship


$300  This fund provides tuition scholarships to HS graduates for Alma College, University of Michigan, or NMC.  Eligibility requirements include academic excellence, 2.7 GPA, community involvement and strong citizenship.  Must be a Leelanau resident.  Applications in the Counseling office or at:
Rosa Parks March  $2000  GPA 2.5, financial need, community service.
Future Leaders Scholarship March  $2000; $1000; $500 9&10 news and Don's Auto Clinic recognize future leaders with these scholarships. Must demonstrate good citizenship and leadership in the community and the classroom while maintaining academic success.  Applications are available at:
The Michael Yasick ADHD Scholarship March  $2000 Supporting individuals diagnosed with ADHD pursuing higher education.  Visit
American Legion Auxiliary:   Memorial  Scholarship March  $500 Eligibility: Child or grandchild of veterans who served in the Armed Forces during eligibility dates for membership in the American Legion. Criteria: Financial need and scholastic standing.  Apps at:
NW Michigan County Farm Bureau - In Memory of Frank Lipinski March  $1000.  Preference given to students pursuing a degree in the agriculture related field.  Preference given to NW County Farm Bureau Members, or residents of Grand Traverse, Leelanau or Kalkaska Counties.  Applications in the Counseling Office.
Kohl's Kids Who Care Scholarship March 

Communityinvolvement/volunteering.           Nominations through your HS Counselor.

Zonta - Young Women in Public Affairs Scholarship March  Three awards: $1250, $750, $500.  Leelanau County Resident. Show evidence of active commitment to volunteerism, evidence of volunteer leadership achievements,evidence of  experience in local or student government, evidence in international awareness, evidence of dedication to advancing the status of women worldwide.  Applications at: or in the counseling office.


Economic Club of TC


High School Juniors & Seniors in Grand Traverse Region $1000-$1500 cash prizes. Minimum 750 word essay.  Information in Counseling Office or visit:

Crooked Tree Arts Scholarship March  4 - $1000 art scholarships.  Benzie, Grand Traverse and Leelanau counties.  Pursuing fields of study in the arts which includes visual arts, performing arts, theatre, dance and music.  Applications in the Counseling Office.
COPAS   $1000  3.0 GPA.  Applicant must be an Accounting, Finance or Petroleum Technology major attending a MI college.  Apps in Counseling.

Empire Masonic Lodge:  MI Masonic Scholarship

  $700 Planning to attend full time accredited college, university, trade or vocational school.  Write a 250/300 word statement explaining your vocational or professional goals and relate how past, present and future activities make these goals probable.  Letters of recommendation and letters of endorsement are required. Applications in Counseling Office.
Credit Union One - William G Coyne Memorial Scholarship April  $1000/2000  Be a member of a family that has belonged to Credit Union ONE of Michigan for a minimum of 6 months.  30 or more documented hours of community service during Junior/Senior years.  3.0 GPA.  Applications at or in the Counseling Office.
CMU Grand Traverse Alumni Scholarship April  Attending CMU.  Resident of Antrim, Benzie, Grand Traverse, Leelanau County.  Financial Need.  Two Letters of Recommendation.  Application informationin the Counseling Office or visit:
Suttons Bay Conservation League April  Three $1000 scholarships.  Applicants must show academic excellence, awareness of the community in which they live, with obvious personal goals. References will be considered an important segment of the application.  Applications in the Counseling Office
Michigan Retailers Association April 

$500/$1000  Parent or student must be employed at a business that is a member of the MRA. Apply online at:

MI Oil & Gas Producers Education Foundation   $500  Minimum 3.0, financial need, going into a field of study which will allow employment in the crude oil & natural gas industry.  Applications in Counseling office.
WR Angell Scholarship and Peta Williams Memorial Schoalrship April  $2000 Enrollment at NMC as a science major.  Awarded to students who have demonstrated a strong scholastic ability and interest in the sciences.  GPA 3.0  Teacher recommendations are a necessary part of the process. Applications in the Counseling Office.
TBA Credit Union Study Abroad Scholarship   $1000 Scholarship is to help fund a student's study of foreign language and culture.  Open to students who are or have a parent/guardian who is a TBA Credit Union member that will be attending class while abroad.  Visit to request an application packet.  More information in the Counseling Office. 
Cherryland Electric Cooperative   $1000 renewable for 4 years.  Parents have Cherryland Electric Service.  2.75 GPA, academic performance, extra-curricular activities, community involvement and/or after-school employment.  Apps in Counseling Office
GTA UofM Club Scholarships April  (7) scholarships worth $2,000 each per year/renewable.  Information on each individual scholarship, eligibiity requirements and applications are available in the Counseling Office.
Leelanau County Prospectors Club Scholarship April  Five $1500.  Must be resident of Leelanau County.  The recipients will be chosen following individual inerviews by an independent Selection Committee on the basis of: scholastic achievement, community involvement/extra curricular activities, financial need, application and personal interview.  Applications in the Counseling Office.
Get On The Right Track   $1000 Current Surfaces, Inc. is offering this scholarship to any HS Track participant with at least 3years experience in the sport to further their education.  2.0 GPA.  Integrity, community service as well as a strong work ethic will be considered.  Applications in the Counseling Office or at:
Retired and TBA Credit Union
  Three $500 scholarships: Benzie, Grand Traverse, Leelanau County.  Child or grandchild of an active MEA member or MEA-Retired member.  Applications in the Counseling Office. 
Ed & Irene Fleis Education Foundation Fund April 

45 $1000 Scholarships for residents or lineal descendents of a family (or by marriage) that live or lived in Leelanau County, Michigan and are attending a college, university or trade school.  Financial need considered.  Application information in the Counseling Office or visit:

Heather M Barley Memorial 4-H Scholarship May  $2000-3000  Member of Northwest Michigan 4-H Livestock Council (NMCL) for minimum 3 years including current senior year.  2.5 GPA Applications in the Counseling Office
AAA Michigan School Safety Patrol May  Four $1000 Scholarships.  Must have participated in safety patrol in elementary or middle school.  Good academic standing and a strong record of involvement in the community and/or extra curricular activities.  Applications in Counseling Office. 
Paul T & Frances B Johnson Foundation Scholarship May  $1-2000 Must be a resident of county 3 of 4 HS years.  4H preference.  Financial need. Applications in the Counseling Office.
Disability Attorneys of Michigan   $1000 Michigan graduate, 3.0 GPA, 500 word essay.  Recommendation letters and/or resume recommended.  Visit:
Grand Traverse Area Hospitality Association  

$250, $500  Students who are planning to enroll in a Hospitality Management or Culinary Arts Degree program.  3.0 GPA

CG Trader Scholarship June  $2000 for best submission; $500 @ for runner up. Write and submit online an original 500-1000 word essay "The future of technology in education". 2.5 GPA  Website to submit essay: 
Groth and Associates Scholarship


$1000.  Must have GPA of 3.0.  500 word essay about difficulties or handships you have had to personally overcome.  Qualifying students can apply at:

Aspiring Animation Professional June  $1000  Intend to pursue an animation related field at an accredited college, academi success, have a passion and drive for an animation and/or design related career. Essay/application at:
Aspiring Fashion Professional Scholarship June 

$1000 Intend to pursue a fashion related field at an accredited college, academic success, passion and drive for fashion related career,  Essay/application at: 

AFT Michigan June  Graduating senior of an AFT (American Federation of Teachers) Michigan high school with the goal of becoming a teacher. GPA, extra curricular activities community related activities, financial needs and essay.  One male, one female - $1000 scholarship.  Applications in the Counseling Office.

Sigma Phi Epsilon Balanced Man -      Univ of Mi

  $500-1000 Male Student - Available to first year freshmen attending the University of Michigan in the Fall. Recognizes outstanding individuals in the areas of academics, athletics and community service.  Preferred On-Line Application available at: 
WMU - Global Ambassadors Competition & Scholarship  
  • For first-time, full-time WMU freshman students entering fall 2017.  If you are a globally-minded and a creative traveler at heart, this might be for you.  To learn more information, visit


Scholarships will be added as they become available.  Please check back periodically to see additions.