Board of Education

The Glen Lake Community Schools administration is governed by a publicly elected Board of Education. As citizen leaders, the Board of Education members face complex and demanding challenges. They have one of the most important volunteer jobs in the area – assuring a quality education to successive generations of children. Our board members are ordinary citizens with extraordinary dedication of our school whose role is to oversee and set school policy, hire and work in partnership with the superintendent, and oversee the District budget.  

Board meetings are generally scheduled once a month. 

Board meeting agendas are provided at the meetings. The board carries out its function openly in compliance with the Open Meetings Act. 

Parents, students, staff and other community members are invited to attend these meetings. Attendance helps develop an understanding of the role of the board in building and maintaining a quality educational program for children in the district. A public comment section is provided for in two places on the board’s monthly agenda. The board and the administration value citizen participation and encourage community members to attend meetings regularly.