GLCS Technology Goals and Vision

As we move through the second decade of the 21st century, it is clear that technology is playing an ever-more prominent role in our lives. Glen Lake Community Schools is committed to integrating technology into our curriculum just as it is being increasingly integrated into our daily lives. It is clear that the role of technology in supporting our student's learning in important. Glen Lake Schools has witnessed a rapidly growing and evolving technology landscape in terms of network capabilities, types and sizes of devices available to access the Internet, innovative applications, and collaborative technologies available for students and staff.

Technology permeates our lives in school, at work, and at home. Devices like smartphones, iPads, projectors, and laptops have changed the way we work and the way our students learn. Glen Lake Community Schools has been working to eliminate the separation of technology from the rest of the school curriculum, through the relevant integration of technology tools.

To achieve this, we must continue to invest in technology and to provide our students and teachers the tools and skills they need to problem-solve, create, communicate, and collaborate in the 21st century. Good teaching facilitates learning for all our students, and technology supports good teaching. The focus, of all technology efforts at Glen Lake Schools, is personalized, student-centered learning.

We must continue to transform Glen Lake into a school district that meets the needs of our students, so they can work and thrive in the years and decades to come. Glen Lake Schools is positioned well to meet this challenge that will provide for world-wide opportunities for our graduates.