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Technology Responsible Use Agreements

The Internet can be a powerful tool for use in an education setting. Instant access to Web sites on everything from tree frogs to the daily weather allows for creative lesson planning.  

As a resource for teachers it is astonishing. Obviously, students also have a vast resource in the Internet—they can develop their computer skills, take online field trips, do research, and connect with others all over the world.

By using the Internet in the classroom, students now have access to information that not available, in print, in most school libraries. Students’ horizons are expanded without ever leaving the confines of the classroom.

In response to the growing use of the Internet in classrooms, many schools have implemented Responsible Use Agreements (RUAs) to ensure that school computers are being used in a safe, relevant and appropriate manner.

At the school level, an RUA acts as a written contract between the school and students/parents. It outlines the terms and conditions for Internet use by defining access privileges, rules of online behaviors, and the consequences for violating those rules.

The RUA can also be a helpful tool for teachers, offering guidance on how best to integrate the Internet into their classrooms. Below are links the GLCS RUA’s for Elementary and Secondary students.