Building Information and History

Where It Began

In June 1956, the Glen Lake Community Schools District was formed when a vote was passed to consolidate the four small schools of Cedar, Empire, Glen Arbor and Maple City.

Glen Lake High School was built on County Road 616 and was ready for use in January 1958, providing classrooms for grades 7-12. Elementary grades K-6 continued to meet in the four town schools.

By September 1968, four portable buildings had been moved onto the school property near the high school. To these, an elementary principal's office, a multi-purpose room and a kindergarten room were added, and grades K-8 were able to meet together as Glen Lake Elementary.

In 1969 the first shop room was added to the high school. In 1979 the elementary/middle school wing was added along with a science room, classroom and library in the high school. Grades K-8 met in the new wing in September 1980.

During the 1992-93 school year, an additional 50% more instructional space was added to the school building. These additions, combined with the remodeling of the previously existing building, have created an outstanding education complex.