Mark Mattson (Interim Superintendent, Assistant Principal, Athletic Director)

Northern Michigan University (BA, MA)


Mark Mattson


I am in my 18th year as an Athletic Director and 12th as an Assistant Principal, having served as the Athletic Director at Marquette Senior High School, Traverse City Central High School, and Glen Lake Community Schools, after teaching for the first six years of my career. Across my teaching tenure, I have coached Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Softball. I hold a degree in Marketing, as well as teaching certification in Business and Physical Education. My masters degree is in Educational Administration & Supervision. Each of my degrees are from Northern Michigan University. I currently serve on the MHSAA Representative Council, the MIAAA Board of Directors, as well as on various MHSAA Committees. Here at Glen Lake, I also serve our school as the Administrator overseeing our Visual & Performing Arts Department and am the High School Student Council Advisor and the Middle School Student Council co-Advisor.

I grew up in L’Anse, which is in the U.P. and home of the world famous Hilltop Sweet Roll. I will always be a Yooper at heart, and I hope I never lose my accent! If I could only teach people one thing anymore, it would be that they learn the proper pronunciations for Sauna (SOW-na) and Pasty (PASS-tee). I have an adorable pup - a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - named Manny who I love spending as much time with as I can. I am also a big fan of Baseball, and I love our Detroit Tigers! I enjoy exercising, including playing Men’s Fastpitch Softball, mountain biking, and hiking, among any other fun outdoor activities, preferably in warm sunshine, but a couple weeks of winter are tolerable.