Online Learning

With the consent of the student's parent or legal guardian, a student may enroll in up to two online courses as requested by the pupil during an academic term.  (Consent of the parent or legal guardian is not required if the student is at least age 18 or is an emancipated minor).  You can find the Course Catalog and the Parent Permission Form below.  

Students have a grace period of 10 days to drop an online class without repercussions. If, after this grace period, a student fails to achieve a passing grade at the end of the class, or drops the class, the family will be charged with the full price of the class (typically $225.00). The work completion threshold is set at 80% and the passing grade 60%. Completing less than 80% of the assigned work and/or achieving less than a 60% average grade will result in a grade of failing. Students may choose to audit 1 class. This option may apply to 1 class 1 time and results in a Pass/Fail grade in lieu of a letter grade and will not be factored into GPA. An audit application must be completed not later than the end of the grace period.

Online classes do not necessarily observe snow days and other holidays.


Students select courses from the Edgenuity Course Catalog here:  Edgenuity Course Catalog


Parent Permission Form


Covid Virtual Learning

With the virtual option of learning during COVID 19 we have the following guides available to assist in being productive.

Guardian's Guides to Google Tools

Google Meet


Google Classroom