Parent Advisory Committee

Glen Lake's Parent Advisory Committee

The Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) is comprised of a group of K-12 parents, Superintendent, and one School Board Member who explore, advocate, and work to understand the difficult and complex situations facing the school district in a setting away from the formal board meetings, staff meetings, or other administrative gatherings. The children, their education, and well-being is the focus for these discussions

Each K-12 grade is represented by a parent of a student in that grade who is not a current or past employee, board member, spouse, or relative of a Glen Lake employee. Members must be willing to attend hour-long meetings each month of the school year beginning in October.

Guiding Principles:

PAC is an advisory committee to the board and administration and provides a verbal update at the school board meeting on a rotating basis.

PAC Members are volunteers. Once a person becomes a member, they are encouraged to continue as their child advances in the school. Any grade level openings will be posted on the GLCS website and in the District Newsletter. Please contact the PAC chair if you are interested in becoming a member.

PAC members will serve as ambassadors to the community and other parents in regard to the issues at hand.

PAC members may be used as a sounding board for our administration about ideas and concepts that are explored in areas including school curriculum changes, school finance, discipline and safety, legislative issues and actions.

PAC will engage in healthy, open dialogue about issues that the district faces. It is expected this dialogue will increase the understanding of the variables and complexities associated with topics and will assist parents, board representatives, and administrators to view the problem in a broader school context.

Both results and proposed changes should be discussed by PAC. Issues regarding specific persons or their actions need to be discussed in a private setting.

PAC Grade Representation For 2022-2023 School Year:

K - Jacqueline Plamondon -
1 - Tracy Wittkopp -
2 - Carolyn Brown -
3 - OPEN
4 - Melisa Martin -
5 - Genevieve Thompson -
6 - Kelly Ciolek -
7 - Kelly Stockfisch -
8 - Holly Decker -
9 - Sharon Plamondon -
10 - Alicia Romzek -
11 - Alicia Romzek -
12 - Kate Hogan -


Angela Noonan -

Ann Knaus -