Ryan Schrock (Elementary Principal)

Ryan Schrock


“He who chops his own wood is twice warmed,” my father would tell us growing up. Building strength through grit and determination (and a little bit of humor) has played a big part of my life and made a significant impact on my two brothers, my sister, and our children.

The Schrock family finds the fun in all of the adventures we create, especially when we can spend time outdoors and on the water. My wife, Melissa, has dedicated her career to literacy and reading working in an elementary school library and is an amazing mother to our two boys. Alek is our oldest, a high school senior who has been selected to enter the Marine Corps Band. His musical gifts and talents are almost as amazing as the kind and thoughtful young man he has become. Oliver is wrapping up his Freshman year and finds his passion in engineering and science. He has learned how to work on small engines, fly drones, and has an incredible imagination that allows him to build and create the most interesting inventions.

For our students at Glen Lake, I want them to discover the wonder and value of living in Northern Michigan. I never expect students to give up. I believe that in order to connect with students and improve achievement, we are responsible for taking a vested interest in their lives and allowing them to explore, experiment, and engage with learning that is meaningful and relevant to them. I also believe that every family wants what is best for their child. Together, we are dedicated to excellence and will strive to create a learning environment that prepares students for college, careers, and beyond. We are… Glen Lake!