Student Technology

Lower Elementary K-2 (22-23 school year) has managed iPads with specific school apps. These apps are selected to assist with curriculum and provide the teacher with relevant data. The screen time is minimal. These are filtered both on wifi and on the device itself using Securly.

Upper Elementary has managed Chromebooks that stay in the classroom. These devices are designed to work well in the Google Workspace ecosystem which is a natural fit for classroom management and research. Only approved extensions can be installed. The browsing at this point in time is filtered using Securly. All Google accounts are monitored using Bark for bullying, predators, and self-harm language.

Middle School is the same as Upper Elementary except devices are taken home each night.

High School students have the option to bring their own device (BYOD) or have a school-issued Chromebook. The Chromebooks are handled the same as other grades being filtered by Securly and monitored by Bark. BYOD needs to have a keyboard, run Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, or Chrome OS and be capable of running Google products. The Technology Director and Superintendent can decide if a device is not suitable for school work.

Cell phones at this point in time are allowed in the school building and can be used in passing times or at lunch.

Years of note

5th grade- Students are issued their own Chromebook that will follow them until 8th grade.

6th grade- The school provides the student a calculator that is theirs to care for through 12th grade. Upon graduation, they may keep the calculator. If the calculator is lost it is the responsibility of the student/family to provide their own calculator.

9th grade- Students can receive a school-issued Chromebook if not bringing their own device which will follow them until graduation.

Damage and Repairs

Glen Lake Community Schools are moving towards a model of self-repair option for new Chromebooks. This will alleviate the burden of some expensive repairs for some families and ensures the Chromebook will be functioning well for the duration of its life cycle. If a self-repair fee is not paid the actual repair cost will be charged to the student's account. Replacing just one broken screen can be over $100.

This system works similar to a warranty but is called a self-repair option:

  • $20 the first year for a new Chromebook

  • $10 a year for the second, third, and fourth years

  • Students qualifying for free meals will not pay any warranty fee

  • Students qualifying for reduced meals will pay one-half the regular fee

At the beginning of the school year, all 5th and 9th graders will receive new Chromebooks. For both the 5th graders and the 9th graders, their new Chromebooks will be theirs to use for the next four years. When the 5th graders become 9th graders they will receive another new Chromebook unless they opt for a BYOD option. Once the fourth year is up the student will be able to purchase the device for $1 if they have paid the self-repair fee for each year they have had the device. What is not covered by the self-repair:

  • Batteries outside the manufacturer warranty

  • Loss of the Chromebook

  • Natural Disasters (ultimately should be covered by insurance)

A lost device has a replacement cost of:

  • $200 within 1st school year.

  • $150 2nd school year.

  • $100 3rd school year.

  • $80 4th school year.

The self-repair does not cover the loss of a Chromebook, only repairs. This fee can be waived at the discretion of the Superintendent. Lost chargers can be purchased from the school for $10. Or you can purchase your own 45watt USB-C charger. During repair, an older Chromebook will be issued so the student can keep up with schoolwork. If a student were to leave Glen Lake Community Schools before the four-year use period has concluded, the Chromebook would remain the property of the school district.

A student who joins the school district in grades 6,7,8,10,11 or 12 would receive a used Chromebook of the same age and model of the grade they are entering. If joining the school district in the second semester, the warranty fee would be halved for that school year.

Intentional removal of school asset tags will incur a $10 fee. Maintaining an accurate database of school assets is an arduous task that takes considerable time to correct if tags are removed. This is different from books and calculators as a replacement value of the item is required if the barcode is removed.