Title I Reading/Math Team


What is Title I?

Title I, Part A of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) provides financial assistance to states and school districts to meet the needs of educationally at-risk students. The goal of Title I is to provide extra instructional services and activities which support students in gaining proficiency toward the state’s challenging performance standards in mathematics, reading, and writing.


“What is Title I?” has been asked by parents and students. Due to the vagueness and formality of “Title I”, Glen Lake is renaming their program READING/MATH TEAM.

What will TEAM do for my child?

The Title I program will provide your student with extra educational assistance beyond the regular classroom. This assistance is offered within the classroom or in a small group setting as needed.

 What does TEAM program offer?

Title I- TEAM  programs offer?

  • Smaller classes or special instructional spaces

  • Additional teachers and aides

  • Opportunities for professional development for school staff

  • Extra time for teaching Title I students the skills they need

  • A variety of supplementary teaching methods

  • An individualized program for students

  • Additional teaching materials which supplement a student’s regular instruction

  • Individual Progress monitoring to track success of interventions.

TEAM  is a team effort with staff, parents and students.

T.E.A.M.  for students

Team is also part of the classroom management and curriculum for students.

TEAM will be used as an acronym to cover different aspects of students to achieve their goals.


There are Nine Intelligences researched by a Harvard professor,  Howard Gardener. Students will explore the intelligences and learn to acknowledge their skills and talents 

Web sites pertaining to Eight Intelligences:


Students need to identify and regulate their energy. Sometimes they need to temper their to focus, and at other times they need to move and generate energy. Brain gym and energy other exercise programs will be included.


Students will learn to acknowledge their attitudes and how it can affect their learning and happiness. “Our ultimate freedom is the right and power to decide how anybody or anything outside ourselves will affect us.” Stephen R. Covey. There are many short stories and “quotes of the week”, that will be shared.


Students will learn to manage their time and materials to meet their goals.

How are students selected for the Title I program?

Students who are showing difficulty on the Aims Web, NWEA ,  (standardized tests),  and classroom unit tests. Teachers also make recommendations for student assistance.

Progress Reports

TEAM Progress Reports will be included with your child’s report card. TEAM teachers can attend the classroom Parent Teacher conference, or schedule an individual conference with the parent. You are also welcome to visit the Title I program after you make arrangements with the office.

Suggested Parental Involvement:

  • Read 15 min. a day with your child.

  • Listen to your children read aloud.

  • Practice sight words and math facts.

  • Become active on TEAM Review Board.

The Title I TEAM Review Board consists of parents and Title I staff, whose goal is to periodically assess the Title One program to maintain quality. The board is basically the “quality control” factor.

Suggested Web Sites for academic practice and support.

Web sites for Reading:

Web sites for Math: